DC-N3 Diagnostic Ultrasound System


Redefining the Base DC-N3 is the answer for your requirements of high image quality, versatility and affordability. The best in class, DC-N3, is truly a redefinition of the base, providing you with much more than just an ordinary ultrasound imaging system. With the most competitive price in the industry, it’s all about helping you raise your expectations.

System highlights:

  • Exceptional image quality to enhance your diagnostic confidence
  • Wide range of transducers to meet the requirements of different applications
  • 4D capability with various rendering modes and iPage (multi-slice imaging)
  • Auto IMT (Intima-Media Thickness) measurement, to deliver a reliable carotid analysis
  • TDI (Tissue Doppler Imaging) and Free Xros CM for comprehensive cardiac diagnosis
  • One-key automation functions and extended measurement packages for an efficient diagnostic workflow
  • iPower, iRoam and full DICOM compatibility providing you with state of the art connectivity

With premium level ultrasound capabilities, DC-N3 guarantees you high performance. Equipped with advanced technologies, such as spatial compounding imaging and phase shift harmonic imaging, the DC-N3 is the unique system resetting the standards in its segment.

  • 4D Imaging: Imaging in 4D offers you more than just a picture. The DC-N3 delivers tools that help you take advantage of the full value of volume data.
  • Smart OB: With Smart OB function, you can measure fetal parameters automatically, providing you with higher efficiency during OB examination.
  • PSH: Phase shift harmonic imaging, commonly known as purified harmonic imaging, plays an important role in ultrasonic nonlinear imaging. The PSH technique enables the suppression of spectral leakage, producing less noise and therefore better contrast images.
  • iClear/ iBeam: With iClear (speckle reduction imaging) technology, and iBeam (spatial compounding imaging) technology, you can reduce the image speckle noise, and acquire clearer and sharper lesion contours.
  • TDI & Free Xros CM: Equipped with premium level functions such as the TDI (Tissue Doppler Imaging), DC-N3 will provide you with an ultimate tool for your daily diagnosis. The TDI function integrates well with the Free Xros CM (Curved Anatomic M mode). This provides you with quantitative evaluation of the myocardium motion and synchronicity.
  • Auto IMT: Auto IMT (Intima-Media Thickness) is used to automatically detect and calculate the thickness of carotid intima. With its comprehensive report, auto IMT will help you to evaluate carotid status accurately and efficiently.
  • Transducers: Besides the highest transducer variety, the DC-N3 also offers you the best transducer technologies.
    • With a 192 high density elements lens, the L12-4 will meet your critical requirement for detail tissue information.
    • The L14-6 has a maximum frequency range, assuring you a fantastic image in both near and far field.
    • With Mindray’s patent technologies, the mechanical 4D transducer will provide you with the best image quality in class.

With an intelligent workflow, the DC-N3 allows you to focus more on your patients while minimizing repetitive stress. Equipped with one-key automation functions, data management system and auto measurement functions for specific applications, it’s all about maximizing your efficiency.

  • iTouch: Acquire instant image optimization, with the intelligent one key iTouch function.
  • iPower: Get one hour of continuous scanning with the high capacity built-in battery. Eliminate the risk of losing your scanning information during power outages.
  • Auto Measurement: Automatic measurement functions such as the Auto Doppler trace and Auto LV offer you a fast scanning process, ensuring quality results efficiently.
  • Data management

With a smart, compact and highly adjustable shape, the DC-N3 is designed for your everyday requirements. Reliable and practical, the DC-N3 comes with no limits. With an innovative ergonomic design, it’s all about maximizing your comfort.

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